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2021.. Finally a new year, same goals, more effort.

Made it just on time to post before the end January...

I'm surely not alone when I say it's good that 2020 is over. It left a lot of heartache and despair in its wake. But hey, it's a new year (with a lot of shrapnel left from the last one) and yet a great excuse -if nothing else an opportunity- to re-evaluate our visions, and sync them up with our efforts and plans to make them happen.

2020 Was a year of a lot of learning. Despite the quarantine and highly restricted movement, I was able to reflect during that time and realize the difference between dreaming and doing, between wanting and doing, and how our "needs" do not really hinder what we want to achieve.

2021 is the time to drop the excuses, and to "Always Be Doing Something". ABDS. Quitting the mindless hours of sitting around, and move meaningfully towards the next milestone.

This year I have two documentary projects I am working on, and other photo projects. Also enjoying the Aerial photography, as I realized that flying a drone and recording a meaningful segment are two different things.

As they say though, the devil is in the details, and the details get ironed out with practice. We practice properly and slow, then slow becomes smooth, and smooth becomes fast. Muscle memory, experience, all of which count for delivering a better product.

Also adding my social media accounts to the site for 2021, and pushing forward as if success depends 100% on me. How are you doing so far in 2021?

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